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About Us

Below shows the state of the inside of our crematory.  We are doing our best to create a respectable place to process the sacred remains of cherrished pets; while at the same time keeping your after care cost affordable.  

The current crematory shown below is a B & L unit; it uses LP gas, and is a state of the art in pet cremation unit.

Mission Statement:  

We know that the loss of a friend is difficult and leaves a void in our lives that only time and memories can heal.  We like to believe that our immediate attention to preparing and memorializing a family's loss, in a small way, comforts them by having their memorialized pet back home as quickly as we can. We know that when our hearts are heavy with loss there is little that can be done to help, so when a family requests our service, every little thing we do becomes extremely important.   We understand this and believe that some things should never be lost; we want to help you keep the memories and make a very difficult time a little easier.  This is what drives all of our actions.

Our Objectives:

We know the loss of a family pet can be a tremendously emotional time.  A cherished pet holds a special place in the hearts and lives of many families.  This is why our goal is to help you remember and honor the memory of your lost companion in a meaningful and special way.  We want to help ease your loss.  Our objective is to provide complete, affordable and continuous professional cremation services, and pet loss products and support to pet owners in Onslow County and the surrounding area.