Zim & Liza
Our beloved Chloe just passed away after being with us since birth and she just joined her other sisters, Kim and Kutty in heaven. We missed u, girls and be our guardian angels and watch mom and dad 24/7. 

My beautiful baby girl, at 6 years and a few months left me earlier today, when she crossed that bridge my heart sank because she been in and out of the hospital for the past 2 weeks, but today her body was worn out and ready to rest, she finally passed and is in a better place, she earned her wings way too soon and my heart just wasn't ready to let go, she will forever be in my heart and I'll never forget her 

Today I lost my best friend and my lil girl. We got her when she was five weeks old. She has been a blessing to our family, we will all miss her. Things just ain’t the same here. She was a sassy bold old girl. Always has a wagging tail even when she meant business. She lived inside the house and slept in our bed and she put her head on the pillow and was covered up to her shoulders. She had one and only mate and we have one of her daughters. They’ve lived here since birth. All were fixed so they could all live together. She started having seizures, kidney failure. About four years ago and it’s said that they usually live two years at the most. But she proved them wrong. Then we found out she got lung cancer the doctor thinks it spread from other organs. But you couldn’t tell by watching her she was full of life. About two months ago she had a stroke, with therapy she learned to walk again and how to eat out of a plate but couldn’t do stairs again so I would help her out. She lost her hearing with the stroke. Three days ago she started peeing blood, she stopped eating and just seemed exhausted she wasn’t showing any fight. It was hard on my husband, he stayed with her til the end. I couldn’t take it. That was my lil sidekick for over 15 years. I will go pick up her ashes Thursday. Not sure how that’s gonna go. She was the bestest girl ever and you’ll always live in my heart.

Zim and Liza
Our beloved, Kutty passed away 9 months ago and yesterday, her sister Kim passed away and this broke our heart. They were with us since the day they were born and they just only spend 10 years with us and the lord took them away from us. I wished they can stay with us forever.... We both missed them, day and night and nothing is left now except GOOD MEMORIES. Rest in PEACE, girls with the Lord and be mom and dad's guardian angels.

Abby baby
Passed away at the age of 14 teen years old. I love you with all my heart. We spent 14 teen wonderful years together 🎀 you will forever be in my heart….. I love you so much…. I will miss you everyday🌸

Simba Holland
Passed away at the young age of 7and a half years old. He became apart of our family when Amanda's Dr. Gave him to us when he was only 8 weeks old, Simba was a Russian Blue.... We miss you , Simsim rest in peace.. 

Skye was a chihuahua mix who loved cuddling. If she wasn’t chewing plastic bottles or tissues she was cuddled up nice and warm in bed with me or my kids. We will miss you Skye and it breaks our hearts that you had to leave this earth so soon but we know you’re running free with your angel wings happy as can be. It’s not going to be the same coming home and not seeing your wiggle butt or seeing you laying on the head of the couch. I will miss the way you barked at everything and the way you cuddled up against my chest at night. I’ll forever remember the first night I brought you home and you barked and scared me out of a dead sleep lol Rest In Peace my sweet girl until we meet again ❤️🐾🌈 

My sweet sweet boy. My heart breaks with you bo longer here. The house already feels empty. It's not the same coming home and seeing you laying on thr couch, or standing by the door waiting for us. As you grew older I could see you changing and slowing down. I wanted to be so selfish and keep you here with me. But I knew it wasn't fair for you. I miss you so much, and no other dog will be as special as you.

Rounding a blind curve on a rural road, I found him. Luca stood staring at me with a look of defeat and numbness. This American Foxhound was emaciated and every inch of his body was covered in ticks and fleas. He was stiff as a board and his lack of reaction to me putting him in my backseat was so heartbreaking, that I sobbed as I did so. We’re no strangers to rescues and in fact had 6 fur babies at the time Luca joined us. The past 8 months have been a pleasure watching this physically and emotionally starved dog regain his health and find joy in the life of a pampered pup. Lucas’ best friends and siblings are Dachshaund sisters who will no longer have their most loyal fan and constant shadow. Lucas didn’t understand personal boundaries or how strong he was with his now muscular body. He wasn’t shy in asking for affection and if he had to step on a sister or two, he would do so. He never again had a cold night in the woods or felt the need to wear his teeth down by chewing on his cage. He had love, warmth and a place in our home as a part of our family. I only hope that our short time together was fitting for what would be the end of his life. Without him I feel broken like a piece of me is suddenly missing, his light is gone. Some angels choose fur instead of wings. Always in my heart ♥️

Jayden, my sweet baby girl, My life is going to be so different without you greeting me at the door when I get home from work. Made me smile just to see how happy you were to see me. You were by my side when I needed you. I did my best to be by yours when you needed me. I felt totally helpless when your health issue was presented to me and there was nothing I could have done to save you. So I did what I could to show you love. You will forever be in my heart . I love and miss you dearly. Til I see you again.

Name: Katie
My sweet girl Katie, You always were a amazing cat 🐈 I love you , your mama and brothers so much ! We had a great 15 years. Now you’re with them running and playing. I miss you all so much ! 

Olivia Grace
Our hearts are breaking that you had to leave this earth but know you will always be in my heart and by my side where ever I go. You were and still are the best dog anyone could have. Thank you for all the joy you brought to our family. My kids were raised with and by you and my grandson got the opportunity to meet you for a short while and you both became fast friends, even when you couldn't hardly walk anymore when he entered the room you always got up to greet him and he petted you so gently always, even thought that was not the nature of a 1 year old and definitely not his nature. He knew you were an old girl and loved you as much as we do. Rest in peace best friend and I'll see you on the other side of that rainbow! HUGS

thank you for spending your best years with me, such an emotionally aware boy. knew when i was sad or if things were wrong. tough as nails fought everything all to the end. i hope you never suffered in my care, i wish i could have done more for your passing. have fun on the rainbow bridge. 6/7/09 - 3/6/20 

Dakota Cheyenne
I know that you are free, flying with your beautiful new angel wings. Free from all your boundaries here on earth. My problem is, you took a piece of my heart with you, and I feel so empty. How do I go on with so much of my heart missing. You can run and play with your sisters that have gone before you and tell them how much we miss them. You are always in my heart, broken as it may be. I love you, sweet girl. Love forever. your mom and dad, my Koda.

You will be my sweet little guinea pig you were half of me and I love you so very much and you will always be with me in my heart RIP my baby

You will be always my Sword! Thank you for being my friend, my confidant, you were a awesome dog, thank you for letting me be your owner. Until again my zayin! 02/21/2013 12/15/2019 R.I.P 

Hurricane, our beloved rescue kitty from Hurricane Florence, crossed the Rainbow Bridge on September 4, 2019. He was only with us for a year, but was provided with everything a kitty wanted, including the love he so much deserved. He came to us on Emerald Isle after Hurricane Florence had passed by and we returned home. His loud meowing from the downed trees and bushes had me calling out to him. He came right to me scared, wet, cold, and hungry. He jumped into my lap and was so lovable. I fed him, gave him water, and a place to stay. Many weeks went by with no response to an ad placed about a lost kitty. I realized he was abandoned and needed a home. We kept him and named him Hurricane. He was the most lovable, gentle kitty. He loved to be around us all the time. He slept on my wife almost every night. He'd get into the food we cooked, especially biscuits. He laid on the table on our patio with us and enjoy the sunshine. He also had many favorite spots to sleep or be around us on the couch. He found new places when we moved to Havelock as well. He loved the railings on the front and back porches most of all. He became sick in June, but started to recover in July. We got him medication to help him. Unfortunately, it stopped working. He became skinny, weak, and frail. Throughout this summer, even being in the codition he was in, he still came and sat with us outside. He last place he laid down on was on the front porch railing next to my chair. He passed away the morning after on our bed. It's never goodbye my little furry child, just so long for now. I will see you again in Heaven. Always know that you were an angel from Heaven sent to us by God to care for and love. You'll never, ever be forgotten, always missed, and forever loved. 😺💓 

I don’t believe there’s ever been a ferret that’s been loved more or been more doted on. We miss you more than words can say. You may have been small, but you left a huge void in our hearts and lives. Our home feels so empty. You brought so much joy into our lives and home. Even Badger searches for you even though you used to run him out of his bed. He would get up and leave that big bed to you. Your favorite sweater is still on your favorite spot on the sofa. Your empty paper towel rolls still where you boarded them. Your bed (“cake”) is still in the same spot. In time we will be able to move those things, but for now it’s too painful to remove your favorite things. We just didn’t have enough time with you. I’m glad you aren’t suffering or in pain. That last 24 hours was hard to watch. You fought a good fight. I can’t believe I won’t feel your little cold nose on my feet ever again. You’re so very loved and missed. 

Lisette Lopez
Arianna thank you for 13 beautiful years of memories, unconditional love and loyalty. I love you so very much I miss your pretty face so much already. You were the most gentle babygirl. I pray your running around free and happy . There will never be another like you are my heart babygirl . Fly high mommie loves you. 

Our wonderful amazing Monty left us on suddenly February 28 ,2018 at 5:30 pm at home with his family. We welcomed our Monty into our home when he was 12 weeks old in 2005. We couldn’t have asked for a more loving addition to our family. He loved his family dearly. His favorite place to be was where ever we were , out side , inside, or sleeping on the couch. Our sweet boy will be missed terribly. Sleep well Monty we love you 

Joyce VerdejoLopez said:  30 December, 2017

Baby Sebastian you left on Christmas day, I don't think I've ever cried or loved so much. You were my first love, best friend and the best companion in the whole world. We went thru high school, college and first years of marriage together. I looked forward every day to see you and spend time with you. My constant. Your happiness to see me, your wavy tail, your tiny paws, you big ears and eyes melted my heart every day. I'm going to miss you every day baby Seb, but I'll miss the most being your all time favorite person. 

Caroline Graham said:  01 September, 2017
Thank you Sacred made my baby girl Tannie's leaving so much easier and blessed. Over twelve years ago a little low rider Welch Corgi peeked up at me from a tobacco barn in Pink Hill, NC....she was my Pink Hill Princess...a big personality. I dreaded to even consider the day I had to let her go...but it came on Aug 28, 2017 and my heart was shattered into were my therapy dog, my nurse, and my best friend...I am still lost without you but you will always be with me......I truly feel God allowed me to rescue you to rescue me and teach me what unconditional love looks like in a fur coat.

Dank Rodriguez said:   August 17, 2017  8:50 pm

I had you since I was 17, got you for Christmas. Thank you for being sweet and so loving and faithful for all those years. We grew up together, you've seen me happy sad and sometimes drunk. We traveled a lot. You went coast to coast my love. You've been my whole life and I will miss for all the rest of my days my good boy. Mama loves you always #dankthedog

Sonya Owens said:  July 2017

My Pretty Princess, Dakota Cheyene, 1/10/2010-07/25/2017. Will miss you forever

Miley Shay said: July 1017

Thank You for taking care of my Miley. She is in such a better place now!


Nancy Hunnicutt said:   October 30th, 2016 7:50 am
Our Lady was 18 years old and had fatty tumors the last surgery she didn't recover. This was a full life she was a rescue and we made up for all the beginnings of her life. This was my husband's baby girl and I know he is waiting at the rainbow bridge for her to join him. I lost my husband in May so this is so very hard. I know she is in pain and needs to go as I let go. 

Mikko Griffin said:   April 27th, 2016 6:30 am
In loving memory of our baby boy (Mikko) Nov 8,2006 - Apr 25,2016 Boxer The sadness will always be there. An empty spot within our hearts will always remain. We will miss your hugs. Your little nub wagging tail and all of the happiness you shared with our family will never be replaced. You will always be the one and ONLY dog in our hearts. Rest in Peace Mikko. We will always Love you and your presence will be in our home forever.

Mr. & Mrs, Jimmy Mcmillen said:   September 10th, 2015 4:15 am
We love you for the time we shared and Forever in our hearts we will remember your Devotion. Go with our Love and Journey well...

Briton said:   December 9th, 2014 10:29 pm
In loving memory of Kai 8/1999 - 3/31/2012 Kai, my sweet boy, though you left us today I know now in heaven with your sister you'll play. But you're already so missed in my heart there's a hole With paw prints left forever on my life and my soul. The house is so silent. So empty. So still. Silences not even my thoughts of you fill. Being strong for you now I promise I'll try But more rivers of tears I know that I'll cry. You will always be with me, My Kai, my sweet boy. Your unconditional love and devotion my joy. I hope that you've had the most beautiful time But know that truly the honor was mine. I love you so much, Kai. Now go and get your sis. Kira's waited a long time for her dear brother's kiss. Give her Mommy's love too and then ya'll go play Until together again we all are someday. I love you, Kai. Kiss Kira for me too. =) XOXOXOXOXOX Mommy 

Susan said:   December 9th, 2014 10:14 pm
To memorialize my best friend and companion of 13 1/2 years, Michie. When I adopted Michie, she was surly and I was instantly hooked. I fondly referred to her as "The Mich" or "Michie Cat". She left my side on May 27, 2011 and the void is almost unbearable. I find myself looking for her or talking to her as I always would, i.e. "Michie, it is hot outside. Be glad you are an inside cat" or I would see a cat on the roadside and I would come home and hug her and tell her how much I loved her and tell her that she should be thankful that she is not outside or she might be on the roadside as well. She always acted indifferent but I know she was appreciative. On Saturday, May 28th, I awoke and thought that I should be still or Michie would start tapping me on the tip of my nose with her paw. That is how she would attempt to get me out of bed. When I realized that I would never feel that paw tapping me again, I curled up in a ball and cried my heart out. I knew that being without her would be painful, but I had no idea how painful it would be, nor the gapping hole she has left in my everyday life. She was my "mean and surly" Michie Cat and I miss her terribly.

Zoey Kurlas said:   December 9th, 2014 10:13 pm
The love that you showed us will never be forgotten. Your sweet kisses and wagging tail has brightened up many days. Team Kurlas will never be the same without your presence but something tells us you will always be watching us closely. You were my shadow, my friend and my companion. We miss you, we love you and we will see you again, Zoey Kurlas.


Carolyn & George said:  2013

Yesterday we lost a very special member of our family, our tri-colored Aussie named Buddy. 13 years ago we went to the local shelter and spied him in one of the cages--he was just 7 months old and full of life. I knew after taking him out of the cage and petting him, that I wanted him to be part of our family. And so after bringing my children to see him, we adopted him. He was a handful at first because Aussie's are herding dogs and he tried to do this to my children but after settling in, we all grew to love this dog more and more. He had such a personality and he loved to go in the car for rides, get ice cream, play with my kids like he was one of them. He was a very good, obedient dog and it saddened me when he started getting sicker and sicker. Yesterday the Lord called him home and although I am very sad, I know that he is not suffering anymore. I will never forget him or the memories we shared over the last 13 years. I love you Mr. Budders Now and ALWAYS!

Debra & Gordan said:  2013

RIP our beloved Yankee Beau. Jake. Our Golden boy. A hole is left in our hearts, but we know you have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and are running and playing and breathing easy. You will never be forgotten and we carry with us all those wonderful memories of you until we see you again. Thank you for letting us be a part of your life. God blessed us indeed.

Gina Summers said:  2013

Lost our sweet little Pollyanna Saturday, May 18,2013...always excited to see you each day. Wanted a touch, to bed petted before even taking a snack you had for her. A beautiful face, that will never be forgotten. Miss her So much! She loved much...held her head up and wagged her tail right to the end. Endured much and never even a whimper. Love you and miss you baby.

Raevyn Nina Mallory said: 2013

Worthless...his name never really fit him. He was my little old man. He never let anything get him down. When his first owners abandoned him, he adopted us. Lazing around the porch, my dad inadvertently dubbed him the 'worthless cat'. No. He was a friend and companion. He made me laugh and he made me cry. He had the heart of a lion. How many cats would chase a boxer to protect a feline housemate? Not many, but he did. He loved anyone who spoke to him, especially those who petted him. Magick will miss him dearly. He knew Worthless wasn't doing so well the last time he saw him. They bumped muzzles and Magick tried to groom him as Worthless hadn't been able to groom himself for a while. Despite it all, he purred on. No there is no more tumor and he can eat all he wants and take as many baths as he wants. Even to the last few minutes he purred. I never wanted to let go. I am just broken hearted and miss him dearly. I am going to miss the mornings and evening where he is on the porch waiting for me. His little soft spoken meow, I'm never going to hear it again. He wasn't just some stray to show up. He was a furry person who weaseled his way into my heart and made it his home. I lost one of my best friends and one of my babies when I had to let him go. Now I can only patiently wait til I can hold you again. John, Magick, and I miss you so very much.
Worthless aka My Little Old Man
DOB Unknown - DOD 3/12/13

Khloe Bird said: 2012

My Bird, It does not seem at all possible that you are gone, the pain is still deep and it has affected us all. You were the most odd Chihuahua, you had no favorite, you loved everyone, and your french kisses with the punky breath I wish I had just one more. My heart aches to know when I come home you will not be there to greet me with your wagging tail or when I crawl into bed you will not be at my bedside making soft growls so I would put my arm down for you to grab hold of to get on the bed and under the covers. You were an amazing girl, and I hope that as happy as you made me, you were equally as happy. My fur baby, We will take the greatest care of Leo, he is the only thing I have left of you, and know that Jax is being a good daddy! He sleeps with him every night. We all miss you and I pray that heaven has the most soft, warm, and coziest blankets you could ever imagine, and all the sunshine and warm weather you can soak in. I love you Khloe you are missed today and everyday

Kiana Covington said: 2012

13 1/2 years ago I went to look at German Shepard puppies. When I saw Kona, he took my breath away. He had the most beautiful face that I had ever seen on a German Shepard. I knew he was the one instantly. He was my baby and he knew it. He loved his many frisbees over the years and I will never see one and not be able to think of him flying through the air to catch them. I will cry again when I see his pool empty instead of having him in it playing with his frisbee. He loved to let it drop in the water and hold it with his paw and then dunk his face in to pick it up. I dread this summer when I take the life vest out for the jet ski and he's not there excited to go. Yes, he loved to ride the jet ski and would bark for everyone to look at him. That was my boy, the show off. The last 3 weeks were very hard on him and I took every minute I could to just be with him and to start saying my good byes. Yesterday, was one of the toughest days of my life when he had to be euthanized and I had to say my final good bye. I will always miss him and I will always love him until the day I take my own final breath. Wait for me Kona. I know that you are safe, pain free and able to do most of the things you love again. You'll have to wait for me for the jet ski though. Marina, Nico and Bekaa are with you now so you will not be lonely waiting for me. I was so very blessed to have had every minute I had with you on this earth. I miss you so very much and my heart is broken in a million pieces. It feels so empty, just like the spot next to me in bed. I love you, baby, and I will for all eternity.

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