The Hanover Series

This American crafted Pet Urn is for medium sized dogs around 30 -60 lbs.  It is made by the same company that makes the Benton Seriers Urns.  The Hanover Series urns are available in solid cherry with a medium cherry finish or solid red oak, (shown here), with a light oak finish. These pet memorials come standard with a built in picture frame that will accommodate a 4" x 6" vertical photo of your dog, cat, or special pet.
Capacity:  39 cu. in.Red Oak Oak # H-7000-O, $68.00
Cherry # H-7000-C  $72.00
Please call us to order: (910) 455-8315    

Citadel Series Urn

These Citadel Series Urns are each handmade with loving attention to detail.  They were made knowing that the cremains of a cherrished family pet would be placed inside.  These are all natural wood so no two are alike - each one exudes warmth.  We get these from a company in Georgia, USA.

9921-Citadel Large, 85 Cubic in.      $35.00  
9931-Citadel Medium 30 Cubic in.   $30.00

For choosing urn size use the rule of:
1cubic inch of urn for each pound prior to cremation

Extra Large: 9911-Citadel 180 Cubic in.   $45.00

Wood Photo Urns

These Wood Photo Urns display a standard 4x6 photo, they can be displayed in either the portrait, (Verticle as shown), or landscape, (horizontal).  The photo is stored in a wndow drawer allowing it to be changed without opening the urn.  These are less expensive than the American hardwood urns, because they are not made in the USA, (the quality is slightly lower than the American made urns).
These wood photo urns are available in natural or cherry finish, I keep the small and medium in stock.

Last Update:  1 July 2020
By:  Kevin McCullough

The craftsmanship on this urn makes it a loving tribute.  It comes in only one size: ~ 30 cubic inches.


The Lotus  is symbolic of purity and beauty.  It only grows in the nastiest murky water, but emerges and remains pure and beautiful.  Symbolic of going through grief and at the end we emerge with pure and beautiful memories.

Black Glossed Finish Engraved Kitty Face Urn

The smallest is about the size of a softball and will hold cremated remains of up to a 20 pound companion.  Medium size is about 40 cubic inches, the large is a barrel 80 cubic inches.

Small Pot:  $20.00

Med Pot:     $30.00

Large Barrel: $40.00

Bronze Cats

These are $68.00 each.  They are thick bronze with a bottom screw for access, they come in only one size: 20    We keep these in inventory.    

The Sleeping Angel Cats to the right above are $42.00.  The come in glazed Black, Copper, or White.

Please call to order:  (901) 455-8315​

Urns of Distinction Collection

These Pet Urns above are all made of solid North Pacific Hardwood Alder with a durable natural or stained lacquered finsih.  The Traditional Fairhaven on the left will accomodate the picture frame seen on the Doghouse, "Shep".  We keep four sizes of these in stock: 40 cu. in. 80. cu. in., 110 cu. in and 180 cu. in. the 40 cu. in. are $42.00, the 80 cu. in. are $45.00, the 110 cu. in. are $50.00 and the 180 cu. in. are $56.00.  A good rule of thumb for choosing an urn is allow one cu. in. per pound: (an 80lb dog would need a 80 cu. in. urn).  These Urns of Distinction are proudly made in Montana with loving care.

Bogati Wood Urns

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One of our Dobermans (Heidi)... at work.   

Petite Natural Finish: CMPB 25, will hold up to a 25 lb pet  $25.00
Small Natural Finish: CMPB-40, will hold up to a 40 lb pet  $30.00
Medium Natural Finish: CMPB-85 will hold up to a 85 lb pet  $35.00

Petite Cherry Finish: CMPC 25, will hold up to a 25 lb pet  $25.00
Small Cherry Finish: CMPC-40, will hold up to a 40 lb pet  $35.00
Medium Cherry Finish: CMPC-85, will hold up to a 85 lb pet  $40.00

Black Walnut and Beech Urns

$41.00 each

Sacred Paws Pet Crematory, LLC

Bogati Rosewood and Brass Pot

Black Walnut and Beech

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The Benton Series 

This Beautifuly crafted memorial is a wonderful tribute to the life that touched yours so deeply.  This Pet Urn was crafted in the USA by a clock company.  It holds a standard 4 x 6 photo with a 45 cu in. capacity.  We try to keep these in stock in both oak and cherry.  

Cherry # H-9200-C  $68.00
Oak # H-9200-O    $64.00 

Lotus Heart Urns

These all metal "Lotus Heart Urns" make an excellent tribute to a cherished friend.   Each urn is hand engraved from copper and brass, then silvered to create an elegant urn.  We try to keep 3 sizes in stock:

20 Cu. inch $35.00 
40 Cu. inch $42.00
70 Cu. inch $52.00

Silhouette Inlay Cat Urns

These are $48.00 each.  They are thick metal with a screw top cap, they come in only one size: 20  From left to right is the Sienna with Brass Inlay, (Red),  the center is Shale with Brass Inlay, (Blue), and the right is Fern with Copper Inlay, (Green).  We keep these in inventory.

Please call to order:  (901) 455-8315​


Elite Cat Series

The Eletite Cats are crafted of resin and are available in fore distict colors: Stone Fleck finishes of Fawn, Sable, Tabby and Black.  Each cat has a felt-lined bottom and a threaded plug for secure closure.  Sitting as seen on left, or Cozy as seen to  the right.

5" x 4" x 8.5"    25 cubic inches capacity
$32.00 each  Sitting 

These are very affordable attractive urns. 
​We normally have these in stock.

Please call to oder:  (910) 455-8315  

Odyssey Collection

The Odyssey Urns above are very basic and durable, they come from the Minnesota supplier.  We try to keep these in stock but please call to check, prior to having your pet memorialized. They come in 25, 40, and 70 cu. in. sizes.  The 25 cu. in. are $35.00, the 40 cu. in. are $42.00 and the 70 cu. in. are $52.00.  The rule of thumb for buying a Pet Urn is to use one cu. in. per body weight in pounds.

Please call to order:  (910) 455-8315​

These are high quality urns at a great price. These urns open from the bottom and are engravable.  These are all natural wood so no two are alike - each one exudes warmth.  The Bogati Urn Company has been in business since 2004.   You can choose between: Single Paw or Double Paw.

Simple Rosewood Sheesham with brass paw print and brass corners.   $20.00  for Small to $40.00 for Large
Small 12 cu. in.  Med 40 cu. in.  Large 100 cu. in.
$20.00                   $35.00                 $40.00

For choosing urn size use the rule of: 
1cubic inch of urn for each pound prior to cremation