This stunning piece, made from 14k white gold-plated brass, serves as the perfect addition to any jewelry collection!

A Hand Stamped Eco-Friendly Heart pendant dangles delicately beside an Eco Friendly Angel Wing Charm and a Zircon Encrusted Heart Charm. It reads: 

Your Wings Were Ready But My Heart was Not

18" Eco-friendly Alloy Chain
Hand-stamped Eco-friendly Alloy Pendant
Assorted Eco-friendly Alloy Charms

Intertwinded Rings and Celtic Paw

$18.00    + 1.27 tax

Outer ring reads:  Forever in my heart

Inner ring reads:    No longer by my side

Always in my Heart  Half Boarder and Full Boarder

$18.00  +  1.7 tax

Sitting Cat Earrings

Brass-based with a14k white gold plated finish; complemented by two crystal eye gemstones.               

$12.00    +     .84 tax

Sacred Paws Pet Crematory, LLC

These beautiful stainless steel pet cremation pendants open and allows you to place a small symbolic amount of ash inside.     We keep these in stock and they are 18.00 each

$12.00   +   .84 tax

This necklace is fitted with pearl bead charm, a circular pendant hand stamped with, "My angel has paws;" and wing/paw charms; fastened around a beautiful silver tone brass chain.

27mm Eco-friendly Alloy Wing Pendant
12mm Eco-friendly Alloy Paw Print Charm
24mm Eco-friendly Alloy Ring Pendant, Hand Stamped, "My angel has paws"
7mm Bead Charm
18" Silver Finish Brass Cable Chain with a 2'' Extender

$12.00   +   .84 tax

$12.00   +   .84 tax

Paw Infinity  Ring

These pieces below do not hold cremated remains 

Your Wings Were Ready Necklace

Paw cylinder

$18.00    +   1.27 tax

No Longer By My Side But Always in My Heart Blue or Pink         $18.00   +  1.27 tax 

These Memorial pieces will help capture the special relationship between yourself and your pet.   Each piece is specially
 designed and curated by passionate pet lovers and hand-crafted in the United States.  Both the Sitting Cat Earrings and the Infinity Ring are brass-based with a 14k white gold plated finish.   They are 12.00 each

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We have other jewlery in our showroom that is not listed here such as Agate Stone Bracelets, and other cremation and memorial jewlery 

My Angel Has Paws Necklace

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